Dance…the solution to keeping your New Year’s Resolutions!

As we begin a New Year, we are faced with the challenge of making the changes we promise ourselves. How many of the Top 10 Resolutions in this picture are on your list? How many have you tried to achieve for years and years, yet they always end up falling by the wayside? Here’s some great news…there is ONE ACTIVITY that can help you achieve most of these goals! What is it? Why, it’s DANCING, of course!


1) Exercise: We all vow to hit the gym more often, or run, or walk, or work out. But, then we get bored. Our motivation lags. We just can’t face the thought of doing one more sit up or chest press. Dancing, on the other hand, is FUN! It’s exercise without really feeling like exercise. It can be done at the studio, the night club, on the cruise ship, in your living room, really anywhere you like. It doesn’t matter the time of day, the weather, or even if you don’t have a partner. Dance is exercise made easy!!!


2) Quit Smoking: Ok, you might think it would be a stretch to equate learning to dance with helping you to quit smoking, but it really is a pretty easy relation. When is the last time you saw someone on the dance floor holding a cigarette in their hand? Smoking and dancing don’t go together very well. There’s the issue of stamina and needing healthy lungs, the fact that you can’t even smoke in most places you would need to frequent to dance, it’s not appealing to most partners to be up close and personal with an ashtray, not to mention you need both hands to dance! It’s also a great way to keep busy and keep your mind off your cravings! See, that was easy!


3) Lose Weight: Even easier…not only does learning to dance give you a fun way to get exercise, but all the great group classes, parties, and events on the Arthur Murray calendar give you a great excuse to get up off the couch, put the remote down, and come out and do something physically active! Plus, you’ve got friends (and teachers) at the studio who will help keep you accountable and motivated!


4) Quit Drinking: Similar to smoking…when is the last time you saw someone dancing with a drink in their hand? If you want to dance, you have to have both hands free, which means less time standing around chatting and sipping, and more time on the dance floor! Dancers are in high demand and you will probably find that you don’t even have time to stand in line at the bar and order a drink before the next guy or gal asks you for a dance! Plus, most dancers prefer to drink water while they are dancing! Why? It’s better for you, gives you energy, and saves you money so you can take more lessons and learn more dances and go out more places! 🙂


5) Enjoy life more: Another easy one! Who wouldn’t love to have a skill that would allow you to really get out there and enjoy every party, reunion, wedding, work event, cruise, social event that you attend? We all love music, and being able to dance to that music makes life so much more enjoyable. Plus, there’s the great people you meet, giving you a fun social circle with lots of invites and activities, chances to dress up and go to the studio events, chances to travel, and so much more! I could go on and on for this one!


6) More Family Time: I’m going to edit this one slightly to say “More QUALITY Family Time”. When you are stresses out as a parent or spouse, all too often we bring home that stress to our family. Stopping by the studio after work a few days a week can help release your stress from work and allow you to go home refreshed and happy to your family. That way, the time you are spending with them is better! The whole family can dance, too. If you don’t have kids (well, even if you do), dancing is a great way to reconnect as husband and wife and steal a few moments of real together time a few times a week. This helps renew your relationship and keeps things exciting and fresh!


7) Get Out of Debt: Although there is an initial cost to learn to dance, think of it as an investment in yourself. Once you have mastered the skills you want, you have something that you can do anytime you want! Going out dancing can save you the astronomical costs of movies, shopping as retail therapy, spending money on more expensive hobbies that maybe don’t fulfill you. And, as several of our students have said, dancing is cheaper than counseling…or divorce…


8) Learn Something New: well, not much for me to say here…self explanatory!


9) Help Others: Our organization is filled with dancers of all levels who started right where you are today. You will find that as you grow in your dancing, you will become one of those dancers and will help the new people feel included! Also, when you have the confidence to dance, you will be more likely to ask others to dance with you. Who knows, that wallflower you ask to dance next Friday night might be the next life you change!


10) Get Organized: You won’t have a choice with all the activities that will start to show up on your social calendar once you learn to dance!!!


So, there you have it! Dancing is a great way to keep ALL of your Resolutions!

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